Friday, June 22, 2007

Artist profile: Judi's Ribbon Necklaces

"I have always done handwork of some sort. I learned to crochet before I learned to read. I started doing these ribbon necklaces to justify my sitcoms -- i.e, 'I'm not goofing off; I'm working!' For two years I made them for gifts for family and friends. I use all sorts of techniques, from traditional embroidery to ships knots!

They are light and lacey and fun to wear. They can also be worn as swingy, hip-hugging belts. Strangers will stop you to say how beautiful your necklace is!

When we opened the gallery, I hung my acrylic paintings. Shortly thereafter I realized I had a whole bag of these necklaces and put some in a corner of the gallery. They sold like crazy, creating frenzies at our openings. I really enjoy working with ribbons and yarns, so that was great for me (and I get to indulge in my great love of sitcoms).

The common thread -- so to speak -- in all my artwork is color. I love being swamped in color.

Recently I started naming my featured necklaces after wonderful women I know; that makes it even more fun.

My website should be up in a matter of days -- Anyone interested in a necklace can call or e-mail the gallery; or e-mail me directly at


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