Sunday, May 27, 2007

Figure drawing show

Our figure drawing show had a lively opening also. We had models and artists in our showcase window, on the sidewalk out front and in the gallery. Drawings fluttered from the artists' easels to the floor and covered it. The figure drawings turned out to be strong sellers also.


Marky helped us do a lot of the construction to get the gallery started and then switched hats and put up a very popular show with an opening that featured his exotic fan club of girls wearing pink wigs, tights and stripes.

Our opening show

Our grand opening was a lot of fun. We had a pack of musicians playing music on the corner (it was too crowded inside). Gary Zimmerman was on fiddle; Steve Allerton was playing squeezebox; Bounce the Clown played saw and Karen (a.k.a. Mademoiselle Oo La La) had her accordion going.

Reen was manning the bar while all the artists and their customers enjoyed the artwork and each other's company.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

The First season

Well, now. That first season went by quickly, didn't it?

We are settled in comfortably now. The gallery looks good and we regularly get wonderful compliments from our customers.

Here is the postcard invitation from our grand opening featuring the owner artists. We are six partners and also show the work of another dozen artists, most of whom are local to the Florida Keys.

Judi Bradford paints large canvases in striking acrylic colors and also crafts brilliant ribbon necklaces.

Janis Childs paints tropical fruits and flowers in jewel tone colors on dining ware, furniture and fabrics. She also does bead jewelry.

Maritza Cresce, a native Key Wester, creates organic natural gemstone and silver jewelry.

Lainie Davia combines sinuous handmade 14K and 18K gold designs with exotic gemstones. She is expert in coin mountying, specializing in shipwreck coins, including the Galleon Nuestra Senora de Atocha treasure found just off the shores of Key West.

Fran Decker's colorful acrylic paintings capture the flavor of the Florida keys.

Leslie Kanter makes pottery with tropical botanical, epicurean motifs, including banana leaf platters and gecko boxes.