Monday, December 11, 2006

Beginning in December...

We're a gaggle of seasoned artists who started a gallery this week. We found a yellow conch house on South Duval right across the street from Flamingo Crossing Ice Cream (this is going to be bad for our diets).

The first thing we had to do was prepare the building for its transition from a Psychic Center. We're all women and pretty handy, but not ready for the construction industry. The husband of one member showed us what we needed to do (Thank you, Doug)
and we did it.

We tore down dry wall and took out strange lofts and cubby holes that had been put up and cleaned up a bit and picked out a color range for the walls the first day. We're hoping a week will be all it takes to finish.

Now we're doing all the paperwork -- bank, phone, taxes, logos, leases, licenses...

Mostly, we're visualizing the final space as a collaboration.

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